What you need to know

  • All classes are to be scheduled by you using Mindbody
  • You can schedule classes online up to 90 days in advance. Online adding or canceling a session ends 3-hours before a class start time. IF you want to do either inside this timeframe, please text Deidra at 614.323.7706.
  • A class is counted if you are a no-show without notice.
  • A class is not counted if you cancel online or by text within the allotted time frame.
  • Your purchase includes all classes; try all of them to see what you like.
  • Classes are designed for all fitness levels. If you have not met your trainer, please introduce yourself and discuss any modifications that may be necessary.
  • Trainers have access to your Medical History, but please let them know if you have any issues, i.e. bad knees or back, etc.
  • Classes are 50 minutes, with exception of the half hour or specialty classes.
  • We strive to start on time. Please do your best to arrive 10 minutes before your class to warm up.
  • If you are a beginning spinner, please arrive at least 10 minute prior to session start to allow the trainer to help properly fit your bike. The extra prep gives you the chance to ask for help if you need it, and tips and techniques to help maximize your ride.
  • There is a shower in each restroom, which also serves as a changing room. Bath towels and shower essentials are provided.
  • There are cubbies to store personal belongings during sessions, nothing is kept overnight.
  • Sweat towels are provided in the front cardio room and in the spin room.
  • Water is available for $1. The water cooler is located next to Shake Bar. We also have protein bars, and ID Life energy + hydrate beverages for purchase.
  • Enjoy your first protein shake on us! We have a variety of vegan and whey protein shakes from ID Life made with almond milk.
  • Shakes are $4.99 or a 12 shake card for $49.99 Members receive 10% off.

What Should You Bring to Workouts?

  • Newer Cross-trainer tennis shoes—interiors of your shoes can wear out after 3-4 months of continual use.
  • Sweat pants, shorts, long or short tights, T-Shirts, tank tops, etc.
  • Water bottle
  • Energy and a great attitude

Contact Information

Shape 4 Life Fitness Studio 614.323.7706

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