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LOST 32 lbs., 16-1/2 inches!
Went from a size 14 to a size 6!

Why I decided to take SHAPE in MY LIFE?

“I was ready for some consistency and to enjoy getting dressed in the morning. I knew I was worth more than I was giving myself credit for.”

What was your biggest challenge?

“I like food! And a lot of it. This has taught me that I can have what I want, but moderation is the best policy.”


LOST 20 lbs. LOST 11″, 7% Body Fat
Went from a size 6 to a size 2!

Why I decided to take SHAPE in MY LIFE?

“I was getting frustrated with my appearance and couldn’t get myself to stick to any type of exercise plan. I needed some accountability and wanted to start to feel positive about the way my clothes fit and when I looked in the mirror.”

What was your biggest challenge?

“I have never followed any type of diet before. I was blessed to not really need to . . . and then I got close to 40! It was hard to realize I couldn’t have pasta or pizza five times a week. But since I love to cook, I took the challenge of how to make things fun and tasty without all the carbs and cheese.”


IN 24 WEEKS…LOST 17-lbs & 11.75 Overall inches. AND 6.5% body fat!
Went from a size 6 to a size 2!

Why I decided to take SHAPE in MY LIFE?

All my life I was small and slim, but after I hit 50 my weight was slowly creeping up to a point that I just didn’t feel like myself anymore. I wanted to push myself to get fit and healthy and to feel younger before it was too late!”

What was your biggest challenge?

“The first challenge was finding a place to work out that was the right fit for me. I got lost in the crowd in classes of 40-50 people at the Westerville Rec Center, so it was easy to just not go to work out if I didn’t feel like it. At Shape4Life, Todd and Deidra and the members made me feel welcomed and I felt like I was held accountable to show up for every class.”


LOST 30-lbs. & went from a size 16 to a size 8!

Why I decided to take SHAPE in MY LIFE?

“I needed to take a more active role in my health and I wanted to lose weight, increase my energy level, and build muscle. As a physical therapist, I need to keep myself as fit as possible in order to provide the best and safest therapy for my patients. I felt like my fitness level was declining rapidly the last several years and I had to take action.”

What was your biggest challenge?

“Making the commitment not only to dedicate days of the week to exercise but to change my dieting habits as well. I came to the realization that it was important for me to focus some of my energy on myself and, in so doing, was able to be a better wife and mother to my family.”


LOST 38 LBS in 28 WEEKS!!

Why I decided to take SHAPE in MY LIFE?

“I hit 40 and for the past 10 years every passing year it was increasingly harder to lose weight and I knew it would only get harder.”

What was your biggest challenge?

“The most difficult thing was taking time for myself, which also meant leaving my husband at home to do all the work and manage our 2 girls. Luckily it meant as much to him as it meant to me!”


LOST 20 LBS & went from a size 16 to a size 10!

Why I decided to take SHAPE in MY LIFE?

“I was tired of being too embarrassed to leave the house because of my weight and I was tired of not being able to shop at stores for clothes that were cute and trendy. My sister was a huge influence.”

What was your biggest challenge?

“My asthma and my knees. Since I have started working out my asthma has decreased and I rarely have knee pain anymore.”


LOST 11 INCHES & 15 lbs

Why I decided to take SHAPE in MY LIFE?

“I’m a single mom of three. I wanted to show my children that no matter how old you are you should always take care of yourself.”

What was your biggest challenge?

“Not feeling guilty for taking time for myself and away from my family.”

Kathy A

I have been a Shape 4 Life member for 4 years and I have to say at 49 I am in the best shape of my life and I owe it all to the trainers and other members! I was coming off several bad years of back surgeries and physical therapy but the trainers are the ones who helped me heal and  become strong again! No matter your age weight or body type, they push you to become your best. Everyone is supportive of your journey to becoming the healthiest you can be. I hated exercising before joining and now I crave the environment and encouragement I get each and every class!

Bev D

I have been a member here for 5 years. I have lost 30 lbs and 2 sized. The best part is the energy and strength I have now. The owner and instructors are so friendly and supportive. The classes are small so it feels like you are working out with friends. Each class is different so it never gets old. If you are looking for a fun non-intimidating place to try indoor cycling, cardio, or toning, I would highly recommend Shape 4 Life.

Sheikh I

Such a wonderful family oriented place to work out! Deidra is so awesome and attentive to each of her clients, just make you feel go back again and again. Love every minute in the gym.

Maria F

I’ve been a long-time member of Shape4Life and continue to choose this fitness studio for many reasons:

*Shape4Life is for everyone.

Unlike “box gyms,” I’m not a number or faceless client in an overcrowded class. The trainers know me by name and take time to get to know my particular fitness goals, place in that journey, and work with me directly to support me in reaching those goals. They teach me exercise modifications when necessary so I don’t injure myself,  and challenge me to pick up that higher weight, try something new, keep going and working when I want to stop or quit, or take a different class.

As teachers and mentors, the trainers educate me about nutrition and how physical exercise and proper nutrition go hand-in-hand in terms of attaining my fitness goals.

*Shape4Life welcomes all shapes and sizes.

I’ve belonged to other fitness studios or gyms where I felt “out of place,” invisible, or intimidated when walking out of the locker room because I’m curvy and not the so-called “perfect” size 0.

At Shape4Life, I’m in classes where other clients are at all different fitness levels, ages, dress or pant sizes, and at different crossroads and places in their fitness journey. It is a supportive and accepting environment where best practices, tips, recipes, and even frustrations are shared and discussed. It is a place where I belong, grow, and am challenged in each class.

*Shape4Life trainers live the wellness journey and want me to live my best life.

Finally, the Shape4Life trainers have lived the weight-loss journey I am currently on and so they know success, the frustration or setbacks involved, and the hard work it takes to maintain health and wellness. I don’t feel alone in, what at times, can feel like a daunting journey. That personalized attention is invaluable and priceless.


Everyone is great! Deidra makes every class fun and is very encouraging. Wanda is super energetic and makes us sweat like crazy. Brit’s spinning classes are a great workout and Kelly’s classes are creative. Renee’s classes are challenging.

Deidra and Renee are my favorite instructors as they continue to challenge and push me while encouraging me to reach my fitness goals. They are able to provide individual attention while managing an entire class.

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